Revealing the True Colors of Remote Work for your Organization

Many Business leaders, HR Practitioners and Managers, at least once in their careers, have thought about the amount of money they could save if most of their employees worked remotely. Just imagine, smaller offices, no need to stock kitchen and office supplies, smaller utility bills, potentially less issues with unwanted intra-office communications and so much more. How about not having a formal bricks and mortar office at all? Meetings could be held online or in rented Business Centers without the ongoing operating expenses.

That being said, remote work ideas were always met with questions like: How do we know that our employees will be productive? How do we keep them engaged? Will we have a sense of team? The last few months have forced companies to get a unique, sometimes unwanted, opportunity to validate remote work. Business leaders, HR Practitioners and Managers now have some hard data to help answer those questions. With the passage of time they will have even more data to learn if their businesses can operate remotely. I wonder what the after-the-Coronavirus-pandemic workplace will look like.

Alisa Fradkin, CHRL