The Workforce Management Practice

The Opportunity:

Workforce management is no longer “just” about tracking time, making schedules, and delivering payroll. It is at the very core of an organization’s ability to enable workforce analytics and understand the key drivers of productivity and performance. Modern workforce management technology is helping organizations has become a strategic force to enable data driven business and talent decisions, and improve the employee experience.

The Insights:

Our research addresses the broad scope of modern workforce management. From understanding the benefits of first-time automation, to uncovering the key drivers of system replacement, to gathering insights about labor analytics, we help organizations understand the mix of strategy, process and technology that will deliver optimal results. We also investigate the employee impact of workforce management – how self-service interacts with employee engagement, and how collaboration around workforce management processes enables productivity – to help you make the most out of your workforce management investment.

The Research:

We addresses key workforce management issues across a wide range of topics, including time and attendance, scheduling, leave and absence management, payroll and more.