Top 10 Best Practices for Global Human Capital Management

By Stacy Harris & Lexy Martin

As globalization continues to rise, organizations looking to increase market share across borders find themselves not only competing for business, but for talent and sustainable labor costs as well. Human Resources (HR) is at the center of this global revolution?involved in both acquiring and deploying talent necessary to achieve global expansion goals. Running a successful HR organization is hard enough, but running a successful global HR organization adds multiple levels of complexities. Technology plays a role in delivering efficiency and innovation and enables organizations to deliver on talent strategies. Enterprise technologies?from administrative and service delivery solutions, to talent management, and business intelligence tools?increasingly matter as do social and mobile enablement. Annually, CedarCrestone conducts the longest continuously running HR Systems Survey in the industry, with which we analyze the current state of HR Technology adoption and implementation best practices. We also assess the impact of HR Technology on numerous organization types including variations of global organization types.

Ten HR best practices for global organizations from our research and others include:

  1. Standardize complex global processes while providing flexibility for local requirements.
  2. Transform service delivery.
  3. Manage the workforce in multiple countries efficiently.
  4. Move technology solutions to the Cloud.
  5. Engage in meaningful global talent management.
  6. Create an appealing globalized workplace while ensuring employee engagement.
  7. Invest in reporting/analytics.
  8. Make knowledge and people easily accessible.
  9. Leverage diversity as a business tool.
  10. Include change management as a critical success factor.

These ten best practices can help an organization not only improve its overall efficiency, but also increase its ability to compete in today’s rapidly changing global market. If you are interested learning more about the application of these ten global HR best practices and their benefits both quantitative and qualitative, download the complete Global Human Capital Management Best Practices White Paper.

CedarCrestone further recently released a report on global organizations adoption of HR technologies and the value they achieve from that adoption. For more details from the Annual CedarCrestone Going Global with HR Technology Survey data, we welcome you to download the full report for free at