Implementation is a critical component of our service offering and allows organizations to leverage their investment in HR Technology for the greatest Return on Investment.
Experienced ASL personnel and/or certified partners ensure that implementations meet objectives and are completed on-time and on-budget.

30+ Years of Service

Since 1989 ASL has successfully implemented human resources management systems (HRMS) in businesses of varying sizes including all planning and assistance provided by our personnel in the areas of business process re-engineering, workflow analysis and systems integration into existing operations.

Rapid Implementation

You get the ability to quickly repoint throughout the duration of the project which can last as little as 1 to 3 months. We take a holistic approach when implementing our software applications. We realize that we are implementing solutions that need to interoperate with other vendors’ solutions and by taking an integrated approach you get the benefits and success of an integrated enterprise solution.

Proven 7-step Approach

You get subject matter experts that utilize our proprietary, structured, 7-phase approach along with project management, strategy and process mapping software and tools. We leverage our field-tested knowledge and our tools to build an implementation plan to meet your needs, resources and budget.

Onsite & Virtual Implementation

You get product experts onsite or virtually so that geographically-dispersed teams can collaborate quickly and easily to successfully complete a project. Our implementation specialists provide valuable insight, direction and guidance in ensuring that your implementations are successful from the start of a project to a “live” operational system.

Configurable vs. Customizable

Our platform provides native tools in the system to enable your HR Administrators to enable or change many of it’s behaviour or features themselves without the need to contact ASL and additional costs.

For more information about our Hosting Services, please contact us by phone: 1-800-463-6275.


Training can be provided in both onsite, virtual, and combined modes to contain costs or in the event of a disruption to normal business practice
or to facilitate learning for geographically dispersed teams. Training is a crucial part of ASL’s Professional Services and provided as part of the initial implementation as well as on an on-going basis.

Learn and Master

ASL provides expert training so that you can maximize the return on your investment in our solutions. Our training programs are built on our experience in a variety of industries ranging from Food to Technology. We do an assessment of your training needs so that learning outcomes, user needs, and delivery modes are defined before any training ever begins.

User Training

All courseware is designed to provide interactive, compelling learning for users. Learning includes detailed instruction on using the system regardless of the users’ role within the organization. Complete with hands-on group and individual activities and testing.

Technical Training

Technical training provides the knowledge to customize and integrate our solutions with existing systems from virtually any area within the organization.

Implementation Training

Implementation training provides an essential transfer of knowledge. This knowledge covers our standard implementation methodology such as workflow analysis, business process review, change and mapping and successful deployment.

On-site Training

On-site training is our most frequently used mode of delivery because of its convenience and logistical advantages. ASL provides seasoned, expert, trainers who conduct training at various client sites. In this way, clients maximize their spending on training for groups while minimizing the time that personnel is away from their work locations.

Classroom Training

Classroom training provides users, managers, technical and implementation personnel with invaluable learning. Participants benefit from group interaction in a shoulder-to-shoulder setting where common questions and techniques are taught.

Web-based Training

Web-based training allows clients to extend their training budgets by eliminating costly travel and other expenses. Valuable skills can be transferred to more participants in less time than traditional learning approaches. Participants can use online learning in a self-paced schedule from anywhere at anytime using only a browser.

For more information about our Training Services, please contact us by phone: 1-800-463-6275.


Consulting services complements our technical solutions and are provided by subject matter experts in various areas of HR and Information Technology. This expertise has been honed in various industries since 1989 and forms an invaluable asset to customers.

From HR to IT Advisory Services

ASL’s consulting expertise extends from Human Resources to Information Technology. Our services encompass diverse areas such as legislative compliance, staff training, development and technical project management. Our strategies improve productivity, cash-flow and sales in all industries.

Human Resources & IT Advisory Services

Our use of open systems and industry-standard computing enables you to use the best products and tools for managing, integrating and extending our business applications. Our purpose is to provide all the assistance needed from implementation planning and client training to system customization and deployment. We are committed to helping you succeed.

Legislative & Regulatory Compliance

Exhaustive research in the area of employment legislation guarantees our ability to assist you with compliance and program administration and allows you to monitor the impact of legislation.

For more information about our Consulting Services, please contact us by phone: 1-800-463-6275.


ASL manages all hardware and software including security, upgrades, backups and scalability and you simply use the software as a service (SaaS) at any time from anywhere. Using SaaS means that you focus on using our #HireToRetire software instead of provisioning hardware, software, databases and associated IT services. Simply use your browser from anywhere at any time to log in and use the software. You have complete control to configure, use, report, collaborate and do whatever administrators and users need to do.

Why SaaS?

SaaS allows your internal IT department to focus on your core business, improving bottom-line results, instead of getting involved with implementing, configuring, securing and maintaining Human Capital Management Systems.

We can deploy our SaaS solution in a few days instead of weeks or months for traditional software installed internally in your infrastructure. For businesses without Subject Matter Expertise needed to implement, test and deploy HR Software not to mention other required business applications, SaaS becomes a vital part of their business strategy.

Security and availability are key considerations when evaluating SaaS solutions and ASL provides secure solutions using the same encryption standards used by banking applications with up to 99.9% availability.

Mobile Applications For HR

Using ASL’s SaaS solutions will allow your administrators, executives, managers and employees to use, aggregate and analyze HR information at any time without the restrictions of traditional HR software applications from virtually any device.

For more information about our Services, please contact us by phone: 1-800-463-6275.


We supply everything from IT infrastructure to management, support and enhancement so you have the freedom to focus on your core business activities. What you get are comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective solutions to help you respond more quickly to constantly changing competitive pressures.

Vendor-Hosted Solutions for PEOs, ASOs & TPAs

Today, organizations must focus on their core business and be able to respond quickly and effectively to competitive threats. This refocusing has resulted in the use of specialist outsourcing organizations such as Professional Employer Organizations, Administrative Services Only, Third-Party Administrators and more to perform critical business processes that are not part of the core business of the organization.

Key factors to consider when evaluating outsourcing include access to and use of specialist knowledge-bases; the ability to use “best-in-class” products and best practices service expertise; eliminating routine activities; better use of resources, greater productivity; the ability to implement and deploy systems almost instantaneously and increased system availability by using the latest technology.

ASL Hosting provides a number of benefits to your business including:

  • Up to 99.5 percent availability
  • 24-hour operations with performance guarantees
  • Guaranteed Support response times
  • Support for unlimited concurrent users
  • Scalable solution supporting growth
  • Access to SupportNet™ Premium
  • Backup, restore and recovery
  • One low monthly prepaid fee
  • Minimum 24-month contract term

In addition, a number of optional value-added services are available such as:

  • Implementation and deployment including upgrades
  • Training and consulting
  • Custom software development
  • Third-party software hosting
  • Multi-organization support in the same database
  • Incremental HDD storage space

For more information about our Hosting Services, please contact us by phone: 1-800-463-6275.

Customer Care

Customer care ensures that your users can effectively use our solutions by providing them with concise and accurate answers to their questions.
User as well as technical support is provided via telephone, email and web.

Guaranteed Support and Service

ASL Support is essential in ensuring that your solution is performing at optimal levels. Our comprehensive support packages provide access to free software upgrades including enhancements along with access to unmatched customer and technical support personnel. Each package is geared to provide exactly what you need when you need it.

Standard Support

Standard Support provides a number of benefits. You get the best performance from your systems and they are always as current as you need to be. You can access live support or Web-based support anytime from anywhere. We’ll resolve your issues quickly and effectively – often before your call ends. By accessing ASL SupportNet Standard you can efficiently plan upgrades and new deployments.

  • Unlimited free software releases including new features requested by our clients
  • Current statutory and regulatory updates
  • All technical fixes
  • Access to product and technical experts
  • Access to ASL SupportNet Standard, Web-based Support Tools

Premium Support

Premium Support provides the ultimate support package for clients. You can access live support or Web-based support anytime from anywhere. You get everything included with Standard Support plus an impressive array of additional benefits. By accessing ASL SupportNet™ Premium you get our best package.

  • Everything included with Standard Support
  • Priority access for issues and resolution of problems
  • Access to product, technical and development experts
  • Access to ASL SupportNet Premium, the ultimate in Web-based Support Tools

For more information about our Services, please contact us by phone: 1-800-463-6275.
Customer Care

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