7 Lessons for HR from Harvey to Irma

It may seem like a moot point but the devastation wrought by Hurricane #Harvey and #Irma taught us, or reminded us of, a few good lessons. Here are some gleaned from the damage.

1. Preparedness: Are you ready for bad Times?
Most businesses will experience a few downturns and sometimes a major test of its staying power. What is the state of your Emergency Planning & Preparedness?

2. Insurance: Innoculate the business for success
Ensure that critical activities such as succession planning are updated and current.

3. Negativity: Don’t blame existing employees already under the gun
It’s easy to add fire to an already combustible and difficult situation. Ensure everyone stays positive.

4. Trust: Get help from trusted sources
Go to those advisors, experts and organizations that have proven themselves capable of helping in the past or ask trusted colleagues for recommendations.

5. Focus: Focus on what matters
Don`t lose focus on what really matters such as recovering, rebuilding and rebooting your team, department or organization.

6. Motivation: Encourage the best in your team
With doubt about the future, you need to be a cheerleader, coach and mentor to motivate the best from your team members.

7. Planning: Fail to Plan means you should Plan to Fail
As with preparedness you need to have a plan that you can revert to so make sure you plan and maintain the plan on a regular basis as many things can change in a short period of time.

Lessons for #HR are everywhere. Sometimes we are simply too pre-occupied to see these warning signs.

E. Samadhin