HR – Retire it or Recreate it?

An Argument for Sick Leave Banks

Recreate it. This assessment is based on my 50 years of business experience globally. Here’s an issues & solutions approach to what ails HR today.

Issue: HR does what senior leadership wants.
Solution: HR needs to drive the people-bus and show why issues such as recruitment, performance, flexible work, downsizing etc. are relevant to the business.

Issue: HR still largely follows 65 year-old practices.
Solution: HR is starting to recognize this in performance management and moving to a ‘back-to-the-future’ continuous ongoing reviews approach which works better for employees and managers. This needs to be done in other areas such as compensation. Focus on what matters to the business today.

Issue: Analytics in HR is still a dream
Solution: HR needs to include more analytical people and mine more of their HR data to predict and improve business results. With the exception of Microsoft and a few others, most businesses don’t do this. ASL is developing sophisticated 3rd generation predictive analytics to help HR.

Issue: Lack of linkage between HR and Profitability
Solution: HR needs to show how the business benefits financially from what they do. Use data in HRM and ERP systems to demonstrate which programs to fund and which to eliminate such as group benefits vs flexible benefits.

Issue: HR focuses too much on Culture
Solution: Focus on the business instead. Gen X, Y & Z aren`t that different from previous generations and every employee is challenged by job satisfaction, engagement, efficiency etc.

Issue: Short term gain results in long term pain
Solution: HR is in it for the long term so plan appropriately for talent acquisition and management which takes a lot of time. Leadership teams may change before certain programs have paid off so HR needs to reconcile current initiatives with long term needs and viability.