Online Course Authoring

An employee with many skills is always an asset to any company. In my last post I talked about the benefit from the perspective of an employee to always be learning new things. As a company, teaching your employees new skills and keeping them up to date on the latest industry trends and standards can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

The internet offers near endless opportunities to keep up to date or learn new skills and techniques, however, your company may have very specific learning requirements. You could always organize an in house learning session or bring in an instructor to teach everyone at the same time but this is not always practical. A training session could require everyone from a department to pause what they are doing to attend. Creating your own course material and hosting in online allows for employees to learn at their own pace or in their own time. This is where a Learning Management System (LMS) can benefit an organization. A good LMS allows you to author content and deliver it in a variety of ways including the ability to track progress and quiz users for understanding. Content can be in the form of text, videos, downloadable manuals or audio recordings.

Having an LMS deliever content and track progress automatically can vastly improve your company’s ability to keep up and compete.