Ontario Employment Standards Review

In recent blog posts I’ve been extolling the benefits of working less, providing wellness incentives, and paid sick leave banks in an effort to improve employee health which can lead to higher employee happiness and overall productivity. HR can and should be the driver of this inside your organization by crafting policy providing benefits and incentives to employees.

In a recent sneak peek of the Ontario government’s review of the Ontario Employment Standards Act, it seems that government doesn’t think that this is happening enough in private industry and is looking to craft into provincial law these very benefits.

According to some of the recommendations of the review, the Ontario government is thinking of making it mandatory for companies to provide some paid sick leave, a minimum of 3 weeks of paid vacation, and lowering the threshold for overtime pay to kick in. This may seem like it would put a higher burden on companies in terms of benefits they are required to pay, however, the hope is that ultimately the changes pay out in dividens to the company in terms of higher productivity from happier workers.