Succession Planning

If a key member of your organization were to leave suddenly, do you have a plan in place to replace them? The answer for many organizations is “no”. Unfortunately succession planning is not a top priority for many companies but it should be.

An unexpected event like having to find a replacement for a team member can really slow the momentum of your organization. When it comes to replacing a key member of your team, the most seamless fit is likely already inside your company. Existing team members will already understand the idiosyncrasies of your organization, will not require extensive training to get caught up on company products or services, and will have a proven track record already within your company.

Succession planning means identifying replacements for key positions before they are needed. Find those employees within your organization which exhibit skills and traits which are needed in the position and help to nurture and enhance those skills. Identify those skills that are lacking or missing as well as these skills will need to be taught if you want an effective replacement. Matching a successor with an effective mentor, external or internal job training, and job shadowing are just a few of the techniques that can be used to ensure a seamless transition when succession is required.

Planning successors for key positions ensures a consistent level of service and can help alleviate the stress of finding replacements at the last minute.