Why HR is like Customer Service – Part 1

An Argument for Sick Leave Banks

Recently I was in attendance at a conference on innovations in customer service. Many of the key topics were focused on gathering and using available data to better understand your customers and their needs as well as allowing the customer to better help themselves.

As I was listening to the presentations I realized that most of the strategies being discussed about customer service are also directly applicable to human resources. Then I finally made the realization that in a lot of ways human resources IS customer service but focused internally.

Just like customer service, human resources needs to understand who their customers (HR: employees) are and tailor their needs to fit. How do your clients prefer to communicate with you? Do they use email, fill out forms, call on the telephone? Make sure that you provide them with the methods of communication that they prefer to use.

Understanding your core demographic can be aided by a good dashboard that gives you real-time insights into your organization.