Four Ways to Initiate Leadership Potential in Your People

1. See potential as more than black and white.
Everyone has the ability to lead and excel, labeling people as either having or not having potential is not productive. While not everyone may be destined for a specific role, most people have the capability to lead specific projects or expand their role in some way. Take time to think about what you’re actually working with, don’t label people.

2. Get more people involved.
It’s easy to rely on top performers to take the lead on everything. Managers often fail to realize that this causes your top performers to burn out. Involving more people in important projects will help you identify the potential of all of your employees. Skill recognition across your team is essential for designating tasks.

3. Value all forms of leadership.
Leadership can look very differently on certain individuals. Some leaders may have a laid back approach and therefore appear less assertive. It is important to respect and recognize different leadership styles that might be better suited for certain individuals.

4. Search for leadership styles that are different than your own.
Are you unconsciously looking for individuals with similar leadership styles to your own? Accepting and bringing in individuals with varying leadership styles will add diversity and value to your team. It is important to surround yourself with people who are different from you and respect that fact that your team requires minds that don’t always think alike.

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