To a More Human and Holistic HR

internal social networks

The holistic HR movement starts with leadership and hiring individuals at every level of the organization who can influence change and drive forward-thinking activities. Without leaders who can support a sustained effort, you’ll end up with a short-lived success story instead of a transformation. Here are some tips on how to promote a more holistic approach to HR:
Establish ongoing training, mentoring, and education programs. Active support can make all the difference between an employee who’s disengaged, happy to maintain the status quo, or ready to drive company growth and success. Boeing, for instance, uses 1:1 mentor-ship to enhance employee relationships, learn new skills, and drive innovation.

Create internal social networks. The future requires a social business strategy. Companies who continue to isolate departments and employees will never meet the goals they set. Internal social networks help to promote connectivity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across the business. Bringing employees together can enhance sales, customer service and support.

Maintain a high-level view of employee turnover, acquisition, and retention. Holistic human resources mean expanding your focus from acquisition to include turnover and retention. Effective leadership, competitive benefits, ongoing support, and internal networks have a strong influence on existing employees.